Tania Peria

Tania Peria began to create houses made of candies almost ten years ago. What at the beginning started as a simple passion, was gradually transformed into a real job over the years.

Initially, Tania’s creations were simple gifts for Christmas. The enthusiasm of her friends and family and a subsequent enlightening trip to California, convinced Tania to create her own brand.

Thus, Carmel Creations was born in September 2010. It produces creations made from candies and cookies that become houses, trees, cakes, castles and much more.

Creativity, research, design and craftsmanship come together and give shape to unique wedding favors, place cards, centerpieces and original gifts.

Fairytale worlds, amazing for children and beautiful for the adults, find in the colorful candies the suited raw material to exit the dream and become true.

Delicious small worlds

Carmel Creations are new, colorful, beautiful to look at and delicious to the palate.

The complexity of the subjects and the originality of our creations, make them perfect for your gifts and for your moments of celebration.

Choose them for birthdays, weddings, baptisms or business events; give them as a present for Valentine's Day or for any other occasion.

SUnleash your imagination and use Carmel Creations the way you want: as a placeholder, centerpiece, close-package, decoration for the Christmas tree, wedding favor or topping for cakes.

Entirely hand-made with selected products of high quality, the Carmel Creations are fully edible since are made with biscuits, marshmallows, jellies, licorice and colored sugars.